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When the director earns more than 120 employees

Some UK bank directors also have high wage workers with a high salary of 120 times the average.

The average salary paid by UK senior directors is 120 times better than the average employee. As a result of the new law on transparency and transparency of exceptions, the salary data is now publicly available. The law, in fact, used the inequalities of the wage inequality in the British economy and reinforces control over them, writes Reuters.

The largest donor in the UK Lloyds Banking Group It also has the highest rent difference. Executive director Antonio Horta-Osorio The sale paid an average 169 times more than the sale, which was written a year ago in the company's annual report. On average, the Executive Director of a giant bank has a salary of 118 times more than a worker HSBC John FlintIt earns more than 5 million euros annually.

In addition to the annual reports prepared for all data, next year the bank regulates relations with salaries for employees.

The Lloyd Banking Group has already announced that the minimum salaries in the company will increase by 10% in April, and that the minimum wage earner will be more than 20,000 euros each year.

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