Wednesday , January 27 2021

Why aren’t cheap cars good news for Slovenians?

After the Ministry of Finance announced that we can expect to reduce the tax on new cars from 2021, the Slovenian Consumers Association has surprised many consumers by saying that they do not agree with the way the new motor vehicle tax (DMV) is created. in the end, it helped in the cheaper purchase of vehicles.

Apparently, their comments created a lot of dust. As they wrote themselves, the announcement of their opposition to the new Motor Vehicle Tax Act (ZDMV-1) led to the disagreement of many consumers with the position of the Slovenian Consumers Association. Therefore, additional explanations were prepared.

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They explain that they do not support the rise in car prices, and explain their response by investing in low-power or non-existent alternative infrastructure, and to this end, in the opinion of the ZPS, consumers have every right.

As they wrote, they are making efforts to achieve an efficient system of sustainable mobility, i.e. the car, which causes huge costs for most homes, will not be necessary for consumers or even the only option.

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The tax difference is too small

They are confident that the tax designed does not reflect the intention to bring environmentally friendly cars closer to the people. According to the ZPS, the difference in the amount of tax on selected engines is too small for individual models and they also believe the DMV will be lower for larger, more expensive and more desirable cars – even if we don’t consider eliminating the extra tax on famous cars. They point out that the cars we buy today will be on the road for at least the next 10 years.

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Reducing the price of German cars is also beneficial for the Slovenian buyer

They also believe that the state will leave a considerable amount of money with the new method of tax collection, and to this end, in the opinion of the ZPS, it would be better if it were developed for the development of public passenger transport and other forms of sustainable mobility. They wrote here that if we are already paying an additional tax and an environmental tax, we should ensure that it is designed so that it is designed so that consumers can easily focus on buying cars that have so little burden on the environment. They believe that the money raised in this way should be used to develop and promote sustainable forms of mobility and public infrastructure tailored to consumers, thus enabling an efficient alternative mobility system that would allow many people to refuse to buy a car.

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ZPS against lower car taxes

The car is still the main one

The ZPS emphasizes that Slovenia is clearly showing its direction in the field of motor vehicle taxes. “First of all, there are (still) cars that should be available to consumers at the best possible price, everything else (including space) depends on it. Since this policy has lasted (at least) since independence, it is quite logical that the car is the first of many Slovenian consumers. opportunity (and, unfortunately, sometimes only one), “ they still wrote.

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