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Why should we keep our phone as much as possible?

The holiday peak is approaching and many of us are thinking of buying a new phone. This year's offer has brought a lot of new and brilliant phones. Apple released iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max; Google released Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL; Samsung Galaxy S9 and Note9; And finally, OnePlus surprised both OnePlus 6 models and 6t.

In addition, there are two of the biggest days of commercial "black Friday" and "Monday civil". However, at the same time, the prices of the phones are significantly reduced by suppliers and can be achieved very well. If so, you have decided one reason or the other You need a new phone, you will definitely be happy, especially if it is released this year.

However, if your phone is not too old and if its software is already on the move, we recommend that you keep your phone as long as possible. Let's say, of course, that's our opinion, because this is not deliberate.

Smartphones are more expensive than ever

It's true that 2018 smartphones are better than ever, but they are now more expensive. Apple Last year it was established with a standard iPhon X, when he set a startling high price barrel. One year before, the price of the last 7 iPhone was lower than € 250. She knows everything, right?

Mobile phone manufacturers have caught Apple and have set up astronomical prices for television. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 It also had the same initial price, $ 999 million (€ 885), as an iPhone X, and the highest price was € 200. LG– The new phones of 2018 had an initial price 750 dollars (converted to 665 euros) and 900 dollars (798 euros redeemed) – Model G7 Thinq and V40 Thinq. This year we will remember iPhone XRIt looks like iPhone X, but it offers a poor quality of the screen. Its initial price is $ 750 (€ 665). Finally, we highlight the difference between this year Google Pixel 3 and the last model Pixel 2Among them, the difference in the initial price is 100 euros.

In most cases, we can expect at least a minimum of € 700 of the new smartphone at least, and if we add the cost of the insurance and an add-on, we are rapidly 800 or 900 euros. If we want to get the best iPhone experience or a "high end" device, we'll start to think about 1,000 euros.

The best way to avoid high prices

Modern smartphones are things that are advanced, powerful and high quality for some time. Of course, this "time" is subjectively assigned to each user, after a few months after a phone, after two years, the second and a third would remain until the last light on the screen is switched on.

If your device has purchased the device purchased over the past two years, it is possible that your device is in excellent condition. Phone processors are very powerful within two years, so that most of today's tasks are easy to cope with. For example, the iPhone 6 created in 2015 continues to be the device.

Many people are thinking of buying a new phone when they see aging signals on their device. Instead, instead of thinking about buying a new device, you're thinking of replacing the battery. When doing so, the phones that often deserve can make them "new" devices worthy of writing. If you do not have a battery problem, do you expect a new smartphone to make sure you are new to the smartphone? You have to answer this question: Do you want the "aperture" device at the top of the screen display? normal local camera?

In fact, we live in a time where the phones continue to follow the example of iPhona X on the top of the screen, with those open ones. Most manufacturers decided to imitate Apple and Android manufacturers lost their chance to captivate the story. Most of this year's phones t. i. "Koska" ("hole"): IPhone XR, XS and XS Max are, of course, leaders, then Google Pixel 3 XL, OnePlus 6 and 6T, LG's Thinq phones, Asus Zenfone, Huawei P20 Pro, etc. Only Samsung did not want to follow the rest, and did not take the design movements, but kept its philosophy.

If we make a summary …

Smartphones are better than ever, but they are the most expensive. We ask for the price to rise to the height and the upper limit. On the other hand, the latest phones are not as good as justifications for these prices. Without a doubt, the decision to buy the phone is correct or not, it's a need to "new" and aesthetically even better.

Are the news more aesthetically sophisticated and more attractive to the eye? It is not necessary. With so much intervention in the design of the phone, it is better to wait for the phones that offer a better design.

Our advice is to save money, first of all, think about how to change the battery and do not immediately buy a new phone. In the end, using our phones, we will feel much better to get the new smartphone money. Of course, the price will be the same height, but we will feel so much better, we realize that we have made the most of what we offer on the phone.

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