Tuesday , June 22 2021

Will Bo Cortana the same as Windows Phone?

The collapse of the digital clouds of the black clouds in Cortan.The collapse of the digital clouds of the black clouds in Cortan.

Over the last few years, technological giants are currently developing oral-based communication services. Google Now, Apple Siri and Microsoft Cortana Only the best known and most popular services are three. But it seems, the latter is not very good, it is only available with Microsoft devices today, while other manufacturers are preparing their solutions.

Analysts have stated that Microsoft Cortana's digital assistant would be similar to the latest Windows Phone mobile operating system. Some suggest that a giant computer develops an Amazon developer, as the company announced the collaboration between Alexa and Cortana. Microsoft also marketed its Amazon Echo smartphone sales on its website, which was once considered as spam.

While it is happening with Microsoft's digital assistant Cortan, it also suggests that some of the fruitful members have left the development team responsible for the development of artificial intelligence. What's really happening with the digital assistant Cortan will, in any case, show us the only time, and next year the next "movements" can be expected.

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