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A dilemma of the national team of the National Selection team in Slovenia

ofPetra Thorén

Seefeld. Amazing success and unexpected delays.

The national team faces a dilemma when choosing a relay team on the side.

– The coaches can choose and receive it, says Stina Nilsson.

The golden egg cakes are waiting for the usual relay on Sunday and Thursday.

The group must present at 15:00 today and will be presented at the same time. The Norwegian national team will present their team at 18.00.

The Swedish women's team is a clear medal, but the riders must be guided.

We selected a play group before this season. Charlotte Kalla, Ebba Andersson and Stina Nilsson were among the candidates (including Ida Ingemarsdotter, Hanna Falk, above all) in the last place.

Evelina Settlin, Ebba Andersson and Charlotte Kalla have participated in two two World Cup tournaments.

Beitostölen was sixth in Sweden and Ida Ingemarsdotter was the fourth rider.

Ulricehamn was second in Sweden and Jonna Sundling was the fourth rider.

"If I do not understand"

Stina Nilsson, unmarried, does not have the World Cup. He was injured before the World Cup, but he was surprised. The audience is in the gold and silver room of the hotel, of course, the relay team rider. Even if you book yourself diplomatically.

– We have a large number of girls with different qualities and qualities. The coaches choose and select and choose the team for the day that fits well. I understand that if I do not understand if you choose a group that does not participate, says Stina Nilsson.

Gold mate Maja Dahlqvist then? As a member of the relationship finisher? We did not think before the season, but the success of the World Cup is another time later.

– Here it remains a potential skier, says Rikard Grip.

– It's a permanent financier, says Stina Nilsson.

– I am very good at sprinting and at the end of the race in the distance. But I do not think they charge, says Maja Dahlqvist.

He would give him a healthy ebb

Sprint, of course, is Jonna Sundlin, a freestyle boat and a talented singer.

If you look at the distance skiers, it is also open.

Charlotte Kallas fails, but it is known that he is a batman.

Or is it?

He is not sure, despite the fact that he has always been a champion of success in years.

"No, I can not do that," said Charlotte Kalla, another day.

Ebba Andersson has been breathing heavily before the World Cup. He left the seat and was tired after 10km of classic after Tuesday and finished in the 16th. Now, the national team leadership expects its physical reaction and weighs it as a factor in the selection process. The healthy ebb would be obvious.

– Today, the body did not respond as quickly as possible, but it can be quickly triggered, Ebba Andersson said after the race.

Successful biker Frida Karlsson showed the best shape at the distance race lady's. Participates in the Swedish team. The question is what is it? The other and Therese Johaug?

Frida Karlsson is open all way.

– It would be honored to go to the relay, says Frida Karlsson:

– We have a solid team of women here, we are looking for gold!

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