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A tremendous drama in the MLS playoffs. The goalkeeper was shown on penalties, the outside players jumped and became heroes: “I just gave him gloves and prayed for a prayer” | sports

Rodrigo Schlegel is unlikely to become a hero in Orlando City’s MLS playoffs. Schlegel saved a penalty against New York City FC, but the thing is that he’s really back. On a penalty kick, the regular goalkeeper was sent off and Orlando could not be booked into the reserve.

Sometimes football games take a turn that no one could have predicted, and that certainly happened in the MLS playoffs for Orlando City and New York City FC.

The match was 1-1 after 120 minutes and the penalties would decide. In the fifth round, Orlando goalkeeper Pedro Gallese thought he had become a hero when he saved Taty Castellano’s penalty, but the game took a new turn.

The rescue was ruled out because Wales left too soon. He also received a warning, and as he had a yellow card before him, the goalkeeper was sent off.

Orlando then wanted to pick up the reserve goalkeeper but didn’t get it, and instead had to put an outside player in the goal. Chance fell on Rodrigo Schlegel Hill, who had been a goalkeeper early in his career but never in a match.

– I handed him gloves and said a prayer. Orlando coach Oscar Pareja says it was very chaotic in a press conference after the match.

He saved Thorarinsson’s sentence

Schlegel didn’t save Castellano’s penalty and the New York goalkeeper took Nani’s attempt from eleven yards out.

After another goal from both teams, the penalty came to a sudden death. Schlegel was deceived when the punishment and wild joy of the Icelandic Gudmundur Thorarinsson exploded in Orlando.

– When I saved the penalty, I thought we won, says Schlegel.

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But it was not so. Orlando were left with a penalty that was finally set by Benji Michel and secured in the next round.

– We need some time to gather and reflect on what happened. We’ll have to wait for a better analysis of the match. I’ve never experienced anything like this, but so has the beauty of football.

– We can laugh about what happened now, but believe me it was a crazy night. The pair say we are proud to have defeated one of the best teams in the league.

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