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Åkesson's pizza delivery Gustav Fridolin-i

The debates of the leaders of the first Riksdag party this year were Gustav Fridolin's last spokesman for Green Party. Before formally declining the May Green Party Congress, the other party representatives are grateful for the long and faithful service.

Both books were given by Stefan Löfven and Ulf Kristersson to Fridolini, and at the same time gave him a warm desire.

Jonas Sjöstedt left the favorite "Silvervägen" observer and wanted to relax at the hour of the sofa.

However, Jimmie Åkesson, contrary to the politics of Fridolin's opponents, was gifted with generosity.

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Åkesson: "Refuse to copy to us with copywriter"

He responded when he told about the atmosphere when Swedish Democrats joined the parliament in 2010.

– Riksdag here is a very new here. In front of some parties, we were able to share copier and elevator with us and considered it a problem in the work environment. It was very hard and polarized.

– Gustav Fridolin, as opposed to one's self, was the only one who remembered what really came to our office, and he said hello and he welcomed us.

Åkesson, afterwards, spent Friday's effort in Friday as the government of the red government.

– And that's what Gustav Fridolin wants me to bring. There is no government effort, we can leave there. But that has always been a decent, honest and kind person, said Åkesson.

Jimmie Åkesson Riksdagen's speech. Unfortunately, the pizza was not mentioned during his speech.


Previous section of the proposal

Then came the pizza party before the big party.

– I have no gifts. I learned from Riksdag's forbidden, so I did not dare take anything with me. However, I remember Gustav Fridolin, when I visited Vittsjö, the pizza invited me. Unfortunately I did not come then.

Jimmie Åkesson has stated that in Fridolin's hometown she is approaching Sölvesborg's birthplace and that pizza dinner is relatively easy to manage.

– But Vittjsö and Sölvesborg are quite close. When Gustav Fridolin is in Vittsjö, he is very happy with him and goes to Solvesborg. They have a better pizza than anywhere else. That's why I'll invite Gustav Fridolin. It will be the gift of Gustav Fridolin.

From today's parliament debate to judges, Gustav Fridolin and Jimmie Åkesson are excellent at pizza.


Pizza Dude Movement

Åkesson ended with the loudspeaker.

– Thanks to Gustavo Gustav.

Fridolin bought the offer directly, but put a stove with Jimmie's toy experiment to bring Vittsjö to the original pizza at Sölvesborg.

– The President was so good. That's where Vittsjö is not a good pizzeria, but Gustav Fridolin said.

– I want to take a pizza with you, Jimmie Åkesson, I can do it in Vittsjö, even in Solvesborg, I think it is very valuable that I think that people are far from that.

Expressen does not ask Jimmie Åkesson and Gustav Fridolin to ask her to make a pizza dinner.

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