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Bank: What's this, Emil Forsberg?

We were planning on getting a new national team, and we got it faster than any other.

Emil Forsberg went home.

The national team is nursery.

It was a parenthesis, a snack.

Emil Forsberg, one of the most important players in the Swedish national team, but also a player who has not played a match since September, is replaced by one hour after Romania. Upon leaving, it seems that the house is burning, dark in the eyes, disappointed. Janne Andersson's hand shakes his face.

He started two attacks in Sweden, but after changing the match image, Sweden defended Gustav Svensson. Sweden has won three important points.

So who wants the last half of the winner's skull missed halfway past?

Rick before the press

A invention: There are many now.

Emil Forsberg went straight to the press conference after finishing the match, so he could now be disappointed with the whole national team.

What is? Who is it like that?

Now I get information about Sportbladet. Emil himself must, of course, explain what happened, what he thought, what was behind, whether he had a background or another truth, but …

But what is this?

Those wishing to play at the national team need some things. For example, it is a country's law, not individual players (it's hardly called Zlatan Ibrahimovic). In Janne Andersson's (Lars Lagerbäck) or Tommy Söderberg, or anyone who wants to play in most Swedish national teams since ice-cream, he needs to know more. Collective abilities, the spirit of the group, the loyalty of sacrifices, the adaptation to one idea is only the great competitive advantage of these laws.

World Cup adapted

Emil Forsberg has not always been pleased with being subject to a high cause, but she has done so. When Sweden's World Cup and World Cup began, it had to adjust its role a bit, to take on an individual offensive freedom. He did not get any better, but he was better for the team. The team has been better for him.

And he did it. If he is no longer able to go home if he can not go to any age in Leipzig, then something will be broken.

In the short run, it's a great blow if Emil Forsberg does not come into the Swedish start-up race. It helps anyone else, who is one of the best Swedish football players. In addition, there is not a solar plexus, contrary to the whole national team concept, along with the image of a group of brothers and sisters, who follow each other and help each other grow together. In the long run, Oslo is something that threatens more than three points.

Featuring trustworthy

Hasan Cetinkaya is a super-agent created by Swedish star star Forsberg, Victor Nilsson Lindelöf, Robin Olsen, among others, creating self-confidence and attitudes. You are not coming to Rome or the Bundesliga or being a friendly friend of Manchester United, if you are confident, you believe that you deserve all the opportunities you have.

It's not a problem, it's quality.

If self-confidence becomes a security, if one's image becomes a deception and a solar eclipse, it probably is not useful.

I have seen a hundred players, not to play what they want. But if they do not want to admit the predator, nursery guests leave the group in the middle of the collection, the national team is no longer. They then directed their private war, their careers, their agenda.

Then they go home and have to play themselves.

The Swedish team's selection for EM 2020 00:53

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