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Butterflies are well-behaved parks threatened by Gothenburg Post


In collaboration with Lund University, SLU, Lund University invented butterflies in Malmö parks and green areas for the year 2006. In traditional parks, half of all butterfly species disappeared during this period. In areas with no reason, the species also disappeared, but others were replaced. Over time, the reign of the species was the same.

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There are some aspects why biodiversity is important in cities. Participation biodiversity and insect pollination services, "says Anna Persson, researcher at the Center for Environmental and Climate Research at Lund University.

Lost comprehension

Then there is also a value in biodiversity. Often, if we live in urban areas that allow us to live in our daily life, we now have urbanization, we have lost our understanding of nature. Young people can not make sure that the species have disappeared, because the nature they use is very poor, he continues.

Butterflies feel better in environments, pastures and unchanging, so-called ruderatmarks, where butterflies are found. In it, adult butterflies can drink nectar and larvae eat other places in the plant. Larva is picky and only a few species of plant can survive.

You dare to be meadow

Therefore, the study stresses the importance of maintaining green spaces. Although butterflies are not beneficial, it is also a pollination of other insects.

Most well-managed parks that lose most of the species are well managed. It's a great value to think about how to take care of a green area and, perhaps, to brave pasture with more homemade plants, "says Anna Persson.

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