Monday , January 18 2021

Christmas starts earlier in the pandemic: “Completely normal reaction”

Sales of typical Christmas products have increased compared to the same period of previous years, according to data from retail chains. Hemköp has highlighted candles and candles and Christmas ham as goods that have sold better than usual in recent weeks. Many musts buy Christmas mustard, hot wine, and gingerbread before their first arrival, but this year Willys has seen that trend become even clearer.

Cooking products stand out from both chains – they are bought much earlier than usual.

“One might think that many people make gingerbread instead of making it with their own dough. You have more time to do things at home, ”Johanna Eurén, Willys’ communications manager, wrote to DN.

Request for Christmas lights has grown significantly in Clas Ohlson’s stores since last week. According to communications manager Niklas Carlsson, mainly light loops are applied, but also Adventure stars.

– It is not a record time, but it is the strongest growth we see compared to previous years, he tells DN.

Psychologist Anna Jacobsson indicates that we are in a pandemic and isolated and spend more time at home than for reasonable reasons to start the Christmas rush earlier than usual.

– I think it makes sense to decorate and start the Christmas sweetness earlier. You have to cheer yourself up, and when we’re more at home it becomes even more interesting to do nice things. I also think it’s good because you take care of yourself and feel depressed and depressed because it’s a sign that you think it’s something nice, he says.

Anna Jacobson believes that for many the condition of the crown may be more difficult now, compared to this spring, for a number of reasons.

– Now we are in a darker time, which in itself affects a lot. It can then be difficult to manage the crisis and isolation beyond that. It can also be more difficult to see the light in the tunnel, as we have quite a long time left before spring arrives. We have also been suffering from it for a long time, so it can be assumed that this condition has an impact on mental health, he says.

Especially if the Christmas hug lasts when it comes to consumption, Anna Jacobson believes it can be a point to rethink whether it’s the right way to deal with one’s emotions. He stated a rule that must be followed for those who want to refresh: it should feel good in both the short and long term.

– We humans often end up with behaviors that give us rewards at the moment. If you do something to exacerbate difficult feelings, it is advisable to be careful not to cause problems or negative patterns, then say and continue:

– But if you feel that Christmas sweetness and decorations are something that makes you feel better in the short and long term, it seems like a great way to take care of yourself, and in such cases it seems silly to stick to the rules and wait until the first one. arrival.

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