Thursday , January 28 2021

Conflict and strike call in several ports: "Roll on" – Falkenberg news – 24 hours

Ten ports of work announce a conflict and strike on a collective agreement on January 23. but Falkenberg Terminal It's not one of them.

– Members of Falkenbergen have agreements and are members of the Union of Transport Workers of Sweden, with the greatest unity. That's why he goes through, he explains Joakim ÄrlundSwedish Trading Port Manager.

There are ten Port Workers 'Union of Swedish Workers' Union, with no collective agreement, which is called strike in January.

– The Union has no collective bargaining agreement and has never been. They have a story full of conflicts. They are out there as well. That's quite different, he explains Joakim ÄrlundSwedish Trading Port Manager.

How does the Falkenberg Terminal work when other port factories strike?

– Falkenberg does not know what to judge. We received a 2-3 point strike time. In theory, this means the work that can be done to another port, but if it's not Falkenberg, I can not answer.

Jörgen KareldThe Falkenberg terminal inspector affirms that there will be no more work on the Falkenberg port due to a strike.

– No, it has no effect.

Autumn in 2018 Swedish ports and Union Dockworkers Negotiated collective agreements to the authorities. In the negotiations, the Port Workers Union has approved the proposal of Swedish ports in collective bargaining agreements. Strike release works in extra hours, boycotting in procurement and new contracts.

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