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Diabetes Deferred Treatment – Västmanland Region

The Västmanland Region has reported an event by Lex Maria that has undergone a delayed treatment of diabetes.

In the 50s, a man contacts a health center. Urination problems, increase inflammation and thirst. In medical visits, 30 kg of unwanted weight loss, thirst and high levels of sugar and ketone (acid) appear in the urine. The symptoms of the patient are due to diabetes, but acute sugar does not yet occur, but the patient becomes a fixed blood sugar.

The test response that responds to HbA1c (blood sugar long-term value) is very valuable 183, but it has not been monitored or taken care of.

The patient contacts the health center because he is not strong enough and has high blood sugar. The patient has announced that a work colleague will smell acetone. The patient wants to visit the emergency department who first detained. Patients have drops, insulin treatment and follow-up, as well as diabetes and dietician, and can be printed with insulin in the tablet as a treatment for monitoring the health center.

The health center has taken various measures to avoid the repetition of the incident, among others. how to take care of the answers that have been tested.

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Margareta Ehnebom, Managing Director of Medical Västmanland

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Every day, 4,000 – 5,000 visits are carried out in Västmanland care. Most of the contacts work well, patients receive good care and good treatment. But in some cases something is wrong.
Every ill-hurt patient is too much. For this reason, Västmanland has a vision of patient safety. There is no need to hurt patients in health. She publishes the reports of Lex Maria in the long-term and systematic work of the region to improve patient safety.

Lex Maria means that all healthcare professionals must report serious mistakes or errors in serious injury or risk of injury. The purpose of the Lex Maria notification is to carry out an imminent assessment of the event through the investigation being carried out to improve the healthcare provision and the Health and Health Services Inspection. This study means that attention is not caused by mistakes that are not repeated, and what happens with affected patients and their relatives clearly.

The region's main task is to achieve a good life for Westerners. For this we work on health care, dental care, education, culture, business affairs, public transport, regional development and the environment. Västmanland has the main location of Mälardal. Here you will find accommodation, good service and communications, as well as good recreational conditions.

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