Saturday , January 16 2021

Farmers – not criminals – exploded at the Skåne police

Almost none of Skåne's criminals presented anything in the explosive campaign. However, many farmers and forest owners had their own old explosive properties.

dynamite sticks. Photo 2004Photo: Fredrik Johansson

The explosion explosion seems to have run out.

On Friday, the explosion amnesty was launched, it began in mid-October. The police said the amount of explosive bombs as well as hopes.

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– Yes, you need to tell. Seemingly emerging explosives on private property, police officers' ammunition officer Bengt Schuster Malmö said in a press release.

About 500 people have heard about the police in the Scandinavian region to stop guarding the explosives safely.

– We have the majority of Eastern Eastern Eastern states, namely Kronoberg, Kalmar and Blekinge. Then, desert and agriculture has been the old explosives that are kept between generations. As regards Amnesty, the forests and peasants have necessarily eliminated, so we contacted, says Bengt Schuster.

According to the police, it's "almost nothing" that came from criminals.

"No, but probably no one believed that the criminals would put their explosives in the queue to the police," says Bengt Schuster at a press conference.

Many explosions have also been created in defense.

– The military explosives and ammunition have been very long. Most likely, it has been military service or rope month. Fortunately, the handling of explosives is currently controlled by the Swedish armed forces.

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