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Fed did not change the policy rate

Fed's decision At 25 points on December 25, it rises from 2.25 to 2.50 and on December 25 points; then the decline of the main stock market indexes in the New York Stock Market continues, and the dollar and US long-term interest rates have dropped significantly. The central bank chooses to leave the policy rates changed in January, so it is expected.

According to the Reuters survey, 111 consultants have requested to change the range of interest rate without changing it.

Despite the market As an annual turnout, Fed continues to show offline and Jerome Powell says the central bank will have "patient" in the development and development of the economy.

In a press release on Wednesday's interest rate forecasts, Fed continues to bolster the labor market and economic activity is "a steady pace". In December, Fed increased its economic activity at a "strong" pace.

The Fed also believes that the labor market is strong and in the medium term, the Commission's probability of a near inflation near the 2% symmetric target will be.

Upcoming interest rates increase, the central bank will realize committees and control future economic conditions for the purpose of most jobs and symmetric inflation 2 percent.

"In order to be dependent on economic development and financial economics and inflationary pressure, the commission will have patients adjustments to future funds for federal funds," says press releases.

The Fed's monetary policy committee also writes that it is prepared to adapt all of the complementary balance adjustment, if future economic conditions can not adjust monetary policy policy policies.

Markets positively responded to the announcement that the policy rate did not change. Shortly after the 20-hour Swedish period, Nasdaq's composite index was up 2% and the S & P 500 width increased by 1.5 points.

Fed boss says In the next press conference, the US economy is in a state of affairs and the central bank continues its monetary policy.

He also announced a strong sustainable economic growth in 2019, but it was not as solid as in 2018, and he cited a concern in the sky in the cloud, such as the increase in China and Europe.

"The situation demands patience. We do not see it in any way, and we have a luxury to wait and see and we will do that," says Jerome Powell at a press conference.

Jerome Powell was expected He has talked with great care after the announcement of interest rates to create more turbulence in the market, the CNCB reports.

"I'm saying it's a press conference, it's not a risk and just an advantage," says Ethan Harris, chief of global finance at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, with CNBC.

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