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For this reason, a JAS plan is doubling Gothenburg: "Raise"

On Saturday morning at 10:00 AM, Göteborg heard a rumor. The sound came from JAS 39 Gripen city. It was a sign that the Viking hard drive was in the hands of the Vöchting Viking Manövern. Såtenäs airline fleet personnel are involved.

"Welcome to us and our colleagues tomorrow, Saturday, April 27, when we drive the tough Viking in Slottskogen (Göteborg), we will start at 10.10 and start with a Jas 39 Gripen"He wrote a fleet of airplanes on his Facebook page on Friday.

Annual event

Viking hard Slottsskogen every year. According to the organizers, the biggest obstacle course competition is the first and most challenging in northern countries. The obstacles to the race have been designed with the collaboration of the Swedish Elite Kustjägarna Association.

Although last year, JAS's plane shot to Gothenburg to kick off the competition.

– Helen Stulen, the Swedish Armed Forces, said.

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