Thursday , December 9 2021

Frostenson’s critics have lost all point Carl-Johan Malmberg


KDo you need a life crisis to release writing? Maybe it was a rehearsal of what Katarina Frostenson’s previous writing is taking shape today? Last year via “K” and now via “F”. In “F” we encounter literature with a different meaning than “K”. Now, let me say: the wisdom of life. And that literature and art are important to everyone in opposing the flow of violence in group thinking. Fiction is here as a freedom for people and for the right to creation beyond moral constraints and collective organization. Being his spokesman, not speaking on his behalf – the opposite of what Frostenson politically calls “vampire literature”.

Did he write it as a rehearsal before? Yes, of course, without the author thinking, you never know what will affect you and why you will need your resources, artistically, mentally, existentially. But now looking back I see Frostenson’s earlier writing as a work of contingency, which only now reaches its actual use. I remember his acclaimed poetry and his drama, although the art that I have seldom captured myself — I have experienced as anemic, abstract, non-poetic magic — has been virtuoso and has had an excellent attention to language. And a spectacular reading of world literature comes to mind, both old and contemporary, Swedish and foreign. Now he uses his skills in a material experience that no one wants.

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