Monday , June 21 2021

Google has reported the GDPR Crime – Kristianstadsbladet

"The outcome will be a continuation of customs, health, religion and political opinion," said Swedish consumers in a press release.

Swedish consumers are one of the six consumer organizations that Google has reported. The Swedish notification goes to the Data Inspection and, accordingly, Google violates GDPR by misleading the user.

"It hides Google for collecting and using consumer information sites, but it uses a lot of uses, including target marketing," Swedish consumer writers wrote.

Likewise, there are also those who want to know where they are to share information.

"The consumer in Sweden means Google violates the GDPR, because it does not allow it, it can not be informed and free. Google can not claim a" legitimate interest ", a significant and intrusive impact on traffic on people's rights and freedoms" , Writes Swedish consumer.

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