Monday , June 14 2021

Harmful products found in Christmas lights

Previously, the Swedish Chemicals Agency has examined sex toys, mobile cases and ornaments. Now the trip has come to Christmas lights.

96 products were analyzed, 14 of which were banned by substances exceeding the legal limit.

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Waste troubles

Chains and other plastic parts were found in the short chain in a short chain with welding and lower casings. Cadmium and flame retardants are also found.

"These appliances are not at home at risk, but they are almost at the end of their lives. Lead and cadmium products will be a waste issue," says Marcus Hagberg, a Chemical Inspection Inspector.

And the result was better than expected.

"We just scratching on the surface, but it's better than we usually see," says Marc Hagberg.

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Three tips when you buy new Christmas lights

It advises three consumers to reduce the risk of buying something that is not approved.

– You need to purchase CE-branded products, it must be the CE mark that is sold in electronics in Europe. You can try selecting the cheapest products. You can also ask the store about what the product knows about.

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The Chemistry Inspectorate also looked at electrical customized products. Among the two products, 24 products were released without permission.

Companies have stopped selling unsuspended products that are too high. The Chemicals Inspectorate will notify the nine prosecutors of any reported or newcomers to environmental suspects.

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