Sunday , June 13 2021

He was released to the notifier and escaped

The police dumped it on Tuesday morning after a car had been arrested, after stealing a person who had been stolen on Tuesday morning. The man was found later on riding the cavalry.

On Tuesday, at 8 o'clock in the morning, a staff of the City Council could see a car from the town of Karlstad near Tingvallarondell. When the bus was stolen from the town, the staff accidentally arrested the police and arrested the car in prison, blocking the car's direction.

Then, the suspect juggler car was chosen to drive the municipal workers and E18 disappeared into the west.

"It suspects theft of motor vehicles, but, of course, it will be more violations of crime," said Mats Öhman, spokesman for the president at the Bergslagen police district, at 10am.

Shortly afterwards, the trip ended up in the car yard at the entrance to the Frykenbad camp.

The man wanted to divert his luggage from the place of several boys, but the rescue service stopped and the police took advantage of it.

The man was born in 1981 and is supposed to use drugs and theft, but it is also possible to break the law.

"Trafficking can be used to treat ill-treatment and abuse.

Bag that bags the bag that stole the suspected bag.

The man reported an accident on the neck and back pain and was under police control to control the central hospital of Karlstad.

A person who has not attempted to stop the jumper hood will not injure himself when he drives his car on the jumper.

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