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Here, Ny Teknik tests the new Hololens 2

It is more comfortable and intelligent, but it is not necessarily useful. New technologies tested Microsoft's newly-expanded viewer Hololens 2.

One of the most popular exhibits at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is where it is located in Microsoft, where the new Hololens model is displayed. It is a long sex to test the enhanced reality viewer so it lasts for a long period of non-preaching at the mobile fair.

After an hour's wait, Ny Tekniks can finally send a couple of 2 Hololens. Stand technology shows some specific scenarios to see how Hololens 2 can be used in reality.

Ny Tekniks have been developing collaborative VTC platform software providers for industrial dimension schemes. In this test, Hololens 2 is used to reduce the duration of an aeration device used to handle the water treatment plant.

Looks for real-time data

Increasing the visualized image of reality, Ny Teknik entered into a small room completely empty out of the open air device. After the demonstration, a 3D cad virtual model appeared before our eyes. The 3D model that is projected above the physical machine, and using different gestures, lift the virtual model hood and get the instructions on the Hololens 2 screen, how to influence the physical and broken component. shut down

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Through the yacht sensors connected to the machine, we will also see the information, for example, the load and air and oil temperature in real time on the screen.

New technologies can only test Hololens 2 in just a few minutes, and the demonstration is over. This will not be a complete product test. But based on short tests, we can also draw conclusions:

New Hololens will be more comfortable to wear

Hololene 2 is more comfortable using the first generation, which felt a lot more weight. Calculated in grams, the difference between the first Hololenea and the second is not very high. But it is evident that Microsoft has managed to create a new product that is still much smoother. It's an important breakthrough. In a few minutes, for a person who wants to hurt and feel the product?

The idea is not to use the product for a long time, it has a two-hour battery life in the viewfinder. But in order to speed up the route data or speed up iot-data reads, Hololens 2, for example, has the potential to become an intuitive and intensive alternative to other connecting devices on the board. However, Microsoft and software providers, for example, also require PTC requirements.

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Hololens 2 uses point gestures to interact with the virtual menus on the screen, buttons and 3D objects. But this is not always what works best, and sometimes we press one finger before registering the virtual press button.

Advanced Reality Progress?

Holow 2 has a broader view than the first model, although the pixel density is the same. This makes a better image experience. As we have already said, it is difficult to see the sharp objects of Hololens 2, to see the knot in angles. Due to hardware limitations or the devil software we've tried, we should leave it.

What happens in the new Hololen 2, does Microsoft take on more progress in a more realistic way? Time to tell. But technology development has so far gone. The statistics company analyzes the calculations, which were sold all over the world for 800,000 units last year.

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