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Linnea Axelsson wins "Ædnan" August – Culture Nutrition P1n


Linnea Axelsson Poetry Poet "Ædnan," from the beginning of the 700s to today, has won 700 books and a long book on the history of Sami, an annual book fiction book.

The review "Ædnan" is available here

"I want to thank Sami for telling about their lives and thanking them for their interest in listening to outside international circles. We know they would not have been without their testimony," explains Linnea Axelsson.

Both Lina Kalmteg and Hanna Jedvik, critic critics of the editorial culture, had to win "Ædnan".

"Some critics like" The Edge "have shown signs of" Sameblod "to show the blinds of Swedish history to a wider audience, but now there are more opportunities, but there is no political poster literature, it says, Lina Kalmteg he says.

This year's book for children and youth Augustgalan went to "Emma AdBåge's Pit" book.

The "Gropen" review can be found here

– I will select a word: so damn funny. It is not often sworn when you write children, but now. I totally took it, but one day you'll do it right now, "says Emma Adbåge.

In a school it is a book about children, preferably in the hole, where they can punch and throw. But that is not something teachers want. First of all, they must move on the edge, but the children develop a game that is dangerous. One day, when the children go to school, the hole will be renewed.

– Reading this book is a democracy aimed at children in the nursery. Join and decide? Emma AdBåge shows that if you want to talk about big words like democracy, children should also take part, says Viveca Bladh, editorial literary critic for the children's and youth literature culture.

August prize in the annual trading book Magnus Västerbro is awarded for his "Svält. Hungeråren som formello Sverige" book. Sweden is a book that deals with the climate crisis between 1867 and 1869.

"I only looked at the nominees and I thought I did not have the chance to win. This book received a great reception and that's why I'm asking. It's a bit worried, because people are concerned that climate change reminds us what happens, we do not squeeze ourselves, "says Magnus Västerbror, thanking the folkloric researchers in the twentieth century. To collect the material used at the beginning of the century.

Culture Editor Criticist Hanna Jedvik is a well-deserved winner.

"You know the cold and hunger. At this time you will get a picture that you like most in Sweden. The book is a good record and it's very well written. It's a great quality at all times, he says.

The winners in three categories It receives a prize of 100,000 and it can go with a bronze statue.

The Little August Award – A literary prize for young people created in 1994, awarded by Linn Spjuth, "Who Held God". It was also named in the text "Beautiful Girl".

Then it was clear The Swedish Settlement Association received an honorary prize in Augustgalan, illustrator ilon went to Wikileaks. Among other things, illustrations of books by Bullerbyn, Brøderna Lejonhjärta and Ronja Rövardotter's illustrious Astrid Lindgren's Children are very popular.

"It really means, I really feel honored. I can tell you that my long work has brought something in Sweden," says Ilon Wikland, journalist Anna Tullberg of Kulturnytts.

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