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Liseberg has opened its doors for the season

Saturday at 12:00 a.m., this year they opened the doors of Liseberg for the first time. The daytime program is well equipped and at 22:00 has been completed with a firework display screen.

But there was no information about folklore, Julia Vasilis.

– It usually has a crowded crowd, but then it's a bit of a bit like the weather that people get, says.

The weather may be better. After a few days of summer and sunshine, mercury has fallen and rain has returned to Gothenburg.

The weather from Lisberg's perspective would not be very good. Last summer it was clear, it was disappointing in the number of visitors.

– We usually talk about "Lisebergsväder". It's medium-sized gray, near beach or when you do not want to sleep, says Julia Vasilis.

In general, for the great interest of Halloween and Christmas Liseberg – it was a good year 2018 for the recreational park.

Julia Vasilis, Liseberg Information Director.

Photo: Liseberg.

"A wonderful place"

During the premiere of the rain in 2019, Rebecka Halling Liedholm, at the age of 37, and her daughter Vera. They regularly visit Lisberg 20 times a year, they say, and Vera shares their best career.

– I want to go to Hoppalång and Flygis, he said.

Kristina Johansson, 64-year-old, and Ann Ernberg, the 65th anniversary – both pensioners – have other favorites:

– Because it's a plane, it's probably a whirlwind and Kållerado. Lisaberg's grandchildren and Lottha are often. It's a wonderful place!

Lisberg's hope is that Göteborger will be able to visit the playground in the future, and not even the rollercoaster.

Rebecka Halling Liedholm, 37, and Vera Liedholm, 4. The favorites are Hoppalång and Flygis. We got a gold card as we like. We're here 20 times a year.

Kristina Johansson, 64, Härryda, and Ann Ernberg, 65-year-old Ubbhult: For swing swing plane, but today it is probably a whirlwind and Kållerado. Lisaberg's grandchildren and Lottha are often. It's a wonderful place.

Oslobon Andreas Hagen, 42, Sondre, with 7 children, and Trym 11: I am here for most guys, so see what it is. If I had been granted a decision, my stomach would be something I wanted. Maybe helix

Theresé Henriksson, 37, Mölndal: Unfortunately, it is not left, but my favorite attraction was the castle of Sagos. The stomach and everything is small, calm and sensitive. Otherwise, Kållerado will be stronger than him.

A new field has been opened

Before the season, a large amount of money has passed to develop the port area, which is linked to the spring premiere. Hamnkrogen's areas, restaurant and public facilities have invested 32 million SEK.

– The dreams have been the center of the festival, mixing entertainment, food and drink. And here we are, says Vasili Julia.

The area has large tops and has a wooden temper. There are also two new outdoor bars and three-seater seats. The offer of the nearby restaurant is also expanded and renewed.

This year's Liseberg season has begun.


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