Monday , June 21 2021

Louise Erixon SD became the first crossroads

Louise Erixon was the first sword in the Democratic High Swedish municipality. Erixon, along with the election, has also broken the social democratic government for 30 years. KD, M, SD and Sun party will be in the next four years.

Votes ranged from 26 to 22 and an empty voice.

Louise Erixon commented on her new role at SVT News Blekinge:

"I have been an opposition politician fighting for many things over the years. Some of these things can become reality, he says.

The vote was Jimmie Åkesson (SD). After voting, he won victory. Jimmie Åkesson works with her party president, Sölvesborg City Council politician and vice president of the city.

"It's not a sad day, on the contrary. This is my sixth parliament, and I have not voted in favor of city council candidates. But this time, it's really fun to say Louise Erixon," says Jimmie Åkesson (SD) to the Southeast.

Louise Erixon becomes SD top

It's a historic success for Parthia and Erixon. The sworn Egyptian democrat does not act as the president of the council.

With an interview with Evening Post earlier in October, Louise Erixon said:

"My personal hope is to open the cork, among other municipalities that can move the ketchup effect in the same way. This sends a clear signal to the voter, the other party must hear it.

Skåne Hörby, also Swedish Democrat Cecilia Bladh Zito, is expected to be the elected President of the Municipal Council.

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