Monday , January 18 2021

Lower risk with 0 blood group

Here you can follow the direct report made by Expressen about the crown virus.

That’s how our lives change, if the crown never disappears

According to Jan Albert, a professor of microbiology and infection control at the Karolinska Institute, they will force us to live with the virus in the near future.

In addition, some behavioral changes and restrictions may become permanent.

– We can also think that we have less handshake and more people with mouth protection in the western world can be seen when it comes to the respiratory virus season, says Albert.

Safety glasses when shopping in stores can also be a permanent phenomenon; concerts, sporting events, and travel can probably be done as usual in the end.

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Bengtsfors township: reported breach of restrictions

The municipality of Bengtsfors wants to sue residents when the recommendations of the Swedish Public Health Agency are not complied with, the SVT reported.

– If there are situations that do not meet the recommendations, we will know and we can take action, Katrin Thoor, Deputy Mayor of Bengtsfors, told SVT.

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0 lower risk of having a crown with blood group

According to a new study, people with blood group 0 have a lower risk of crown infection and a 19% lower risk of dying from covid compared to other blood groups.

Canadian research is not the first to show that people with blood group 0 are protected against the virus:

In mid-October, a Danish study was presented that tested more than 400,000 people.


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