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Match trial trial day to fix the scandal – News –

Nothing came from nowhere.

After trying to fix a match between IFK Göteborg and the AIK between the May 18, 2016 match and the match in the classic Alliance match. Aik goalkeeper Kenny Stamatopoulos made a whistle and worked in the club's management after having had a great impact on the match.

It's not the only game. It is an attempt made on serious aggression and Swedish football. We never got it, it never accepted and so it is important to act vigorously, "said Secretary General of the Swedish Football Federation, Håkan Sjöstrand at the press conference.

The match stopped, moved to another date and the prefix began.

"It's wonderful"

Now, a year and a half later, as a result of a study, the trial begins when both former footballers are the main suspects.

The gross fugitive Duons will be charged and they deny two allegations.

I respect one's own opinion, but the facts remain: this has never happened. That's Sneak Peek. Absolutely crazy. It's unbelievable that the ordinary conversation with your friend can bring this something and that's why I'm angry, said Dagens Nyheter, backed by recent football players last week.

Four million games

In September, the prosecutor Johan Lindmark prosecuted two former players, in a restaurant in Stockholm, May 16, and Kenny Stamatopoulos summons testimony to this call.

A football player accused, according to the SVT mission, a profound history of bets, where he played four million chronicles from January 2015 to 2018. The other means, as the case may be, that a certain shimmer has been completed, thanks to the remarkable fight against the match of the Swedish Football Association.

They need a profile case, and then turn me back, the DN told me.

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