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Mice and people speak the same way – News

Singing mice are Scotinomys genus, the two species whose range stretches from southern Mexico to the north of Panama.

His song is very complex and includes hundreds of frequent frequencies.

The enemy challenges the singing of the song, the mumps that speed up the mum and the songs of each mouse constantly change the response of the singer's song.

Researchers at the University of New York, led by Michael Long, neurologist at New York, warned that the mourning of mice is similar to a quick dialogue between people.

Long and his colleagues, when they have discovered the findings in Science, control the song through nervous pathways in the cerebral brain cortex. Some of them control the muscles needed to create different shades in the song. Others control a quick change between tones.

Surely, it works the same way with us when we talk together. Researchers believe that this outcome can help you understand something that happens in your brain, and we can not do any conversations, such as autism or stroke.

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