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Millions of species are at risk of extinction


The world's eight million millions of species are at risk of extinction. It is one of the consequences of the next United Nations Scientific Committee on Biological Diversity, IPBES.

Reducing the clean air, clean water and all the other elements necessary for the proper functioning of earth's bias is a major threat to the whole world against climate change.

If nothing is done to repair the situation, half and a million species will disappear. IPBES (the Intergovernmental Political Science Platform for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services) is a disturbing point in the report that the intergovernmental organization will present in May.

Sixth disappearance

The summary of 44 pages in the last page of 1,800 pages has been dropped, and the message below will not change, says the AFP news agency.

"We have to admit that climate change and the loss of nature are not only relevant to the environment, but also to development and the world economy," said Robert W. Watson, president of IPBES AFP.

According to the report, the high rate of disappearance is ten or a hundred times greater than average ten million years. Some experts in the study believe that the sixth mass has begun to disappear in the last 500 million years.

Climate is not for salvation

The last mass disappeared when an asteroid destroyed most of the terrestrial species 66 million years ago, including dinosaurs.

The current species has a clear extinction with climate change in the land, but the fight against climate change is not always in favor of biodiversity.

Greater energy and more production of biofuels means, among other things, extraction of animals and nature. Biofuels need more land to grow.

– As Robert Watson says, the way food and energy are produced undermines the system of self-regulation of nature.

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