Monday , January 18 2021

New Norwegian star Sturla Holm Laegreid in biathlon

It was a spectacular effort by Leagreid in the fifth race of the World Cup.

– I was very surprised to hear that I was leading. I could never dream of this. I was thinking about doing my race, says Laegreid in an interview with SVT.

He was forced in the last shot to shoot completely to keep fellow Johannes Thingnes Bø behind.

Laegreid, who hasn’t missed a shot so far, didn’t tremble when he looked up.

Failing five shots and 20 shots could have included him as the winner.

– It’s gratifying to do it at a world cup, but I know there will be obstacles, you can’t do without it.

Johannes Thingnes Bø, whoever won the world cup last year had to finish second.

Frenchman Quentin Fillon Maillet wanted to finish third, but German Erik Lesser, who has not been on the podium in the last three seasons, won the second battle.

Ondrej Moravec was filmed entirely by the Czech Republic, which also premiered in Sweden two weeks ago in Idren, but that was enough for the fifth position.

Sebastian Samuelsson started with a boom he was also blocked from lying and standing but then fired a full shot.

Thanks to a sharp walk, Samuelsson, who won twice in Idre, finished sixth.

“I’ve never been well.” I opened up pretty hard and managed to keep the same pace all the time, I’m very happy with my effort, Samuelsson tells SVT.

The Swedes were constantly opening up hard to ski and it was especially Martin Ponsiluoma who impressed with his speed.

But on the first shot already lying down, Ponsiluoma’s dream of a remarkable position was shattered, with two booms giving him two penalty minutes, too much for this company.

In total, Ponsiluoma scored five more minutes in the horizontal shot and finished 51st.

Jesper Nelin did well but he missed a shot at the first and second shooting stations and was halfway behind the leader after half a race.

– However, I think I did a good race, says Nelin, who finished 32nd in SVT.

On Sunday, sprint races will be decided for both men and women.

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