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New research: how to spread the winter cancer disease

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The most important advice to avoid negative crying disease has been to clean your hands.

New research is not enough.

– We have disregarded the air as a land carrier, said Jakob Löndahl, Lund University Professor.

Cancer in winter cancer is the most common cause of gastrointestinal infections in the world. Every year, about half a million Swedes affect nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, usually between 1 to 3 days of healthy people.

For a long time, the researchers have thought that the virus that causes the disease of the illnesses is spread through people and food infected through the contact.

But for the time being, still unpublished, the results of Lund University research show a completely different image of the virus. Research has stressed.

– Cancer in winter cancer has had no ventilation infection in the health sector, rather than in extreme situations. Our hypothesis is that it assumes air infections and survives in the air for a long time, "says Aftonbladet, a researcher at the university's junior lecturer and researcher Jakob Löndahl.

3 of 3 | Photo: Jonas Jakobsson.

Jakob Löndahl, Lund University Lecturer.

It is not enough to clean your hands

Löndahle explains that the vision of the virus that causes the occurrence of the winter sickness is a virus that infects the intestine, which means that it is not thought that the air is lowered in the air.

– There are things that come with virus in the air like vomiting or windshield wipers. Everything that generates water drops in the air, he explained.

Their first results show that the water droplets are a strong virus and survive in the air. Droplets, infected with viruses, may end up in oral cavities and, as a result, in the intestines.

– We have underestimated air as a carrier for a long time. But every piece of puzzle accepts the idea of ​​opening and surviving in the air, says Löndahle.

These findings can relate hospitals and people to the virus in a different way, thinking more about ventilation, purifying air, booster and isolation, such as hygiene habits.

So, protect yourself before you start smoking 00:34

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