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Newcastle – Man city 2-1 (true) – Newcastle United FC – Premier League

Rafa Benitez recovered the team that won the match against Cardiff in the final game of 3-0, with a clear intention to not offer a defensive game intentionally. He worked 25 seconds, the ball on the net behind Dubravka. Raheem Sterling posted a post on Yedlin's observation when David Silva arrived in the remote post. Dubravka was before the Spaniard and the ball returned to Agüero, he entered thirty-four goals in Newcastle.
Match settled? In 100 cases in 100, Newcastle lost eleven men before the game. Before the game, 22 were Manchester United live, and there were no victories. League since December 2006, 1-2 1-2 win against Reading FC.

However, it was far from the ordinary evening. However, the home team still maintains the flu and continues at low starting points.
Rondon is concerned about City Center, and the middle pitcher of the Longstaff Academy and the non-homeless Hayden players keep pace, even if it's not.

The result stands out half, which is why the law rests with one goal.
In the second half, the same spirit remains. The city is basically a ball possession, but it does not produce too much food. The home team keeps rust on the back and keeps a small bet.

In the 66th minute of the clock, Ritchie goes to the left and sends it in a post that defends City's defense. However, more than Hayden, when the field of penalties are re-entered and when players leave, Rondon first escapes and reveals.

The city is trying to unite and carry it out. Guardiola casts Bernardo Silva and Gabriel Jesus, but there are no great opportunities.

If only ten minutes are left in the regular time, Ciudad is in the penalty area, the most sinful Fernandinho is not aware that Longstaff is pushing. Brassen makes the ball away and catches a new player from Newcastle.
Surprisingly, the referee gives him a punctuation point, and even more incredible, Ritchie punishes him. The English shots show a bit of cold when he had waited a long time for Ederson's treatment.
Ritchie notices the Gallowgate applause in the usual abuse of the corner mark, and for a long time the entire SJP is pleased.

Even though it had to stop for 15 minutes, the guests could not be really dangerous. Newcastle plays hard and the City does not break the defense line.
It is several times semi-dangerous when the ball ball passes around the area, but twice it goes aside.
The city gets a corner that happens last but, in addition to the trouble, when the shot is thrown, the judge puts Tierny in the bumps and claims the three main points in Newcastle on the bottom line.

Newcastle won the Premier League last season, I wrote in the report I wrote last time in September 2005 and was Michael Owen's goal. Retrieved from Owen's statistics and was replaced by Matt Ritchie. As Owen is now in Newcastle's most expensive list, it was purchased in New York in 2005, and, incidentally, rumors began on Tuesday night, rumors that NUFC reached an agreement with Atlanta United FC regarding the record of Miguel Almiron. If there is any substance that is still rumored, the transfer window closes on Thursday.

The victory has pushed the line NUFC a bit, losing in Cardiff and Huddersfield afternoon. However, Fulham returned home to the BHA and gave him a line of survival. Now, it has dropped to five points at the Cardiff drop-off site.

Newcastle surpassed Southampton, Crystal Palace and Burnley, and was placed 14th. Saints and Palace will also meet on Wednesdays night and a winner of the match goes to Newcastle, the draw results do not change after the NUFC has done 24 rounds.

As a result, the victory led to a nice rest, a little bit, to the usual misery of Mike Ashley. Without a doubt, it was a win-win, and it was very good for Ritchie to seal the fate of Pep's multimillionist. In fact, Mike Ashley and Sports Direct still control Newcastle United FC.
When the gas parasite sticks to the club, it is essential to disappear. From this point of view, this victory was the worst happened. It is very easy to forget and forgive the Northeast, while sports results are moving straight away.

In fact, Ashley's actions are becoming more and more surprising, with less ambition and less work related to club sports, he criticized almost every criticism. In the smallest of protests, almost immediately comes the reaction from the club. Before Wolves, there was a sale finish and before the Almiron rumors were ordered.
Mike Ashley teamed up in seventh place in the Premier League, with the least possible expense, to earn massive monetary money in television, to invest in her company and achieve maximum exposure to Sports Direct. This situation remains, no matter how successful this was.


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