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ÖB wants more money for more consulates

Photo: Nils Petter Nilsson / TT

ÖB Micael Bydén says defense is moving in the right direction and speeding. But it requires a long-term money message to avoid losing the ability.

Photo: Nils Petter Nilsson / TT

ÖB Micael Bydén wants to increase the number of consultants between 2021 and 6,000.


ÖB Micael Bydén calls for $ 6 billion in defense for the next three years. A fraction of the money will increase the number of consultants, 6,000 young men and women in 2021.

When the ÖB and the Swedish Armed Forces send their government data to the 2020-2020 period, they should also receive information on long-term conditions.

In the right way

– We are moving in the right direction, we have a great speed, said ÖB Micael Bydén TT.

But, at the same time, he emphasized that the defense and capacity has been growing at least ten years ahead of the world's development, security policy and the government and parliament to face what they expect.

Bydén has advanced the report of the Defense Committee in May as the basis for growth monitoring.

– It is about one million million, and after the next three year period, Bydén means what he wants.

Be reliable

The next defense decision, which will be applied to the years 2021-2025, will see ÖB as the main objective "long-term military abilities to be credible", depending on the budget. According to the budget, "it requires significant financial contributions, as well as current planning frameworks" for the period 2021-2025.

ÖB requests € 356 million more for 2020, SEK 1,3 million for 2021 and SEK 4,3 million for 2022.

"In all, the purpose of these proposals is to predict the fight against abilities in the next destination," he says.

ÖB has previously announced that it will increase the number of consultants between 4,000 and 5,000 next year, and now it is expected to increase between 2021 and 6,000.

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