Monday , July 4 2022

“Of course you have a little more eye on you”


Hanna Öberg is only 25 years old, but she has already achieved great success in her biathlon career. These include the 2018 Olympic silver and gold Olympics in Pyeongchang. Even four World Cup medals cannot be added to the medal collection.

Behind her is little sister Elvira Öberg, who took part in the previous season and was eager to compete in the World Cup and is now ready to take further steps in development.

Big sister Hanna plays a big part, says Elvira.

– Hanna said a lot to me, I’m where I am now. All the help and advice has helped me get to where I am now. We went the same way, the same ski institute and we joined the team at the beginning. Elvira Öberg helped me a lot and inspired me a lot.

“He gives himself more eyes”

At the same time, he believes there is another side to having to participate. Comparing Hanna to her older sister and the pressure from the outside can be even more stressful with Hanna’s great successes.

– It’s clear that you give yourself a little more of a look, so it’s different that way. But I’m pretty used to it and I don’t have a problem with that either. It’s an obvious comparison since I was a little sister. I’m me too, but I don’t care about anything (the comparison is there), it’s not.

The advantages, of course, are the majority, as the older sister is in the same selection.

– There are many small things (he proposed them). Just like when you get to a new place in the competition, what do you think. Or what good is if you feel tired and tired. It has been a great security for me to be with me, especially last year.

What is the competition between you?

– We are both competitive people and we have always competed against each other. Now that we do it at this level … it’s cool, says Öberg.

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