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Samsung has won 5G to turn it off – News

The net profit of the last quarter of the year was 8.46 billion euros, of SEK 68.5 million euros.

That is, a fall of about 30 percent compared to the same quarter of 2017. The world's largest mobile phone and memory scrap manufacturers are explaining that one of the company's most important products is a smaller demand.

In particular, Samsung has problems with major Indian and Chinese giant markets. In China, even though Apple's main competitors marked sales problems, Samsung's market share in smartphones dropped 20% in 2013, down 1 percent.

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Samsung has given the usual table at CES Las Vegas Fair a few weeks ago.

In this way, Chinese competitors such as Huawei and Xiaomi have captured it. In the circuit market, a powerful global competition means that prices fall and Samsung is making it difficult for market share.

Over the course of the year, however, Samsung Electronics has grossed a 5 per cent increase in net profit of 44.3 million. And with the report, the promise of folding screens and devices was repeated again with 5G technology faster this year.

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