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Tesla's million job applications – Economics


Last year, with Tesla energy and automotive companies a million jobs doubled compared to the previous year, said Cindy Nicola, responsible for procurement of the Wall Street Journal.

"The interest rate among the applicants continues to grow year after year," says the newspaper.

Many workers have talked about hard work conditions that they expect to work harder. Articles, such as British The Guardian, painted Prestate's image at Tesla's plants to help many workers injure them.

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Robots build Teslabilar in Fremont (California). Stock Photography.

Several times they've been eating or sleeping, said the staff in the newspaper.

Similar to Space X

On the other hand, others have emphasized that they are gratified and have a great impact on work. It is seen as a staircase that opens doors.

Space X Space X is similar to the space image. The company has, at the beginning of the 2000s, only a small number of 6,000 employees. Here are similar stories. According to Business Insider, coaches from the company have said that Space X employees are some of the smartest and most hard-working people in the world, but they are burning up their demands and hopes.

"Work is easier"

Elon Musk himself criticizes himself, and on Twitter he finds that there are significantly easier jobs than the company, but no one changes in the world for 40 hours per week.

"Come on exciting to create new world of technology. If it's important to do things, Space X, Tesla, Boring Company and Neuralink sites" write Musk

Boring Company Musk has drill tunnels, while Neuralink joins the computer with the human brain.

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