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The Luleå series won SDHL for the fourth consecutive year

2015/2016 season. Luleå Hockey makes his first season in SDHL, at the top teams of the Munksund / Skuthamns SK team. In the same season, Luleå is making an effort and has won the most important series and qualifying rounds.

Since then, he has had a total prevalence.

16/17 season. Taking a score record and winning the highest series, however, he unexpectedly goes to the semi-finals against HV71.

17/18 season. He has reappeared with the new basic series, and in the second he scored the second SM in a 2-1 win over three years against Linköping HC.

18/19 season. After deciding to leave the basic series in two matches and gain a victory against Mode 5-3.

After the series of the history series

With the wins and wins of the winners of the series, Luleå Hockey is now a historic one. As the Swedish league's top games play at present, it does not win any team for the first four consecutive years.

And Luleå, as a SDHL association over the four seasons, still does not know that any other club is finished in the first season.

After match? He opened the way unexpectedly when he was leading Michela Cava (another goal and a helping hand, and scored the SDHL score). Kaitlyn Tougas players were 0-1 less.

After that, most of the SDHL sovereigns were over, and when the match was over, the home team scored five goals and only two mod players were pucked out.

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