Sunday , January 17 2021

The same thing happens – Chronicles

void language Is there any difference? barely and ia? A reader has recently read two examples. "Today, world countries burn 40 to 400 million tonnes of carbon dioxide due to burning fossil fuels."

The word "barely" indicates that something is lower than expected at the bottom. In these cases, therefore, it is deduced that the spills and statements are not disturbing, but rather the opposite. As writers do not agree with the intention, the word "almost" reflects the intention better.

Of course, the difficult things are the same thing in "little things" and "almost" things, that is, it is something underlying. The lost is the nuance. The hue of the language are valuable, so I agree to keep the difference between these words.

Here are examples, however, they are quite simple, in short, to understand all. In other cases, it is more difficult. A group has about 10,000 in the public domain – is that figure happy? The word barely points out that it is not the case. But that is what the writer thinks is not safe.

For those who do not have enough money, however, it is obvious that it is desirable.

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