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Then you maximize your working pension – DN.SE

Economists Mikael Elinder and Johannes Hagen have a report on the SNS and, on Tuesday at DN Debate, work-related pensions are difficult and difficult for pensioners. Is it right?


Yes and no. Both authors write that today's retirement work is easier to understand than the previous systems. There is no doubt that there are differences in professional pensions that may be difficult to understand for future retirees.

Large collective occupational pension pensions have changed several times since the 1990s, which predicts the system, and consequently the effects of sponsors may have consequences.

What can employees and sponsors do to receive a reasonable wage pension?


It does not need to be inherited after a short boarding.

The reason is the general government managed by the Pension Administration. It has three sections: income pension, premium pension and guarantee pension.

The income pension is higher and depends on what you have worked on in your life. Every year, the salary earns earnings points, and it can simply be said that more hours have worked, a higher pension. But, and this is important but there is a ceiling for income. In the income ceiling, with regard to the SEK 42,000 quota, wage earners can not earn more pensions.

The premium pension is part of the general pension, but it is very important. All pension fund sponsors invest in pension fund funds.

What makes the guarantee pension sound. It is a guarantee of receiving basic income as a minimum income for low-income or non-income earners.

Yes, but what is the occupation pension?


It is a voluntary pension negotiated between social partners. Sweden has had some occupied pensions in the eighteenth century. From the 20th century onwards, It was founded in the century.

In other words, retirement pensions are paid by the employer, and they pay as a supplement to the general pension.

Most salaries – more than 90 percent – have a work-related pension. Most people get it through collective bargaining.

Retirement pension is becoming increasingly important as a supplement to the general pension. In general, the employer will remove 4.5% of the total salary per year, in most cases, the worker can settle in whole or in part. However, the possibility is much more than the state pension bonus.

One more thing. Income from more than $ 42,000 per month, that is, to set a pension income in general, the employer usually sets a salary of 30%. It is a compensation in the general pension ceiling.

Okay, many numbers got it. What do I think I need to think?


Work for a long time, work as much as possible and think of interest-bearing effects. This means that as soon as work-life and retirement are earned, the higher the amount of a good pension can be.

You must consider at least once a year the right to a pension right. Is it going to work before leaving? Do jobs and employers and industry change? Next, it is important that you save a private pension. And if you do not have a collective agreement, ask your employer for a professional pension.

There is an excellent tool called Minpension.se. Here you can make future forecasts for future pensions. Use it!

Why do you think?


Yes, there is no refund, if you are not interested and continue developing major financial markets. Instead, choose fees to spread basses and savings to different focal points.

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