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There will be two female finalists in the movie “Idol”

Nadja Holm was equally surprised when she was called by her name twice and it was clear that she had moved on. The jury had nothing but praise for singer Piteå and for choosing the uptempo song in the second round.

– You choose a song that shows that you are much more than a power ballad singer, said Nikki Amini.

Paulina Pancenkov called Kishti Tomita “one of the best singers we have had in the history of the program.” He received a standing ovation from the jury for his rendition of “And I am telling you I’m not going to” and later for choosing his song.

– You completely nailed this very sharp sword in this song. I had a feeling when you go to the movies and experience these great James Bond songs, that it became cinematic, ”said a member of the jury about Pancenkov’s work“ Addicted to You ”by Avici.

Trembling entrance

Caspar Camitz, on the other hand, started a rough evening. The jury chose Tina & Ike Turner’s “River deep mountain high,” a song the participant had never heard before, and lost several lyrics during the performance. However, Kishti Tomita put pressure on his skill as an artist.

“We should be right, you had a fashion in the middle, but I thought you kept it well,” he said.

Nova Luther is one of the youngest participants in the history of “Idol”. But when the jury chose Dua Lipa’s song, the audience got to vote early in the semifinals.

– It feels empty, of course. I feel good about myself and I’ve grown tremendously in that. There is nothing to regret, he said in the program.

The two came out

With only one hour left until the semi-finals, this year’s participants in the film “Idol” were told that two would leave in the afternoon. The reason was that in a final last Friday the jury with the help of her “lifebuoy” saved Ella Hedström after the audience voted and so the idols became more than usual in the semi-finals.

Nova Luther was the first to leave the competition, with all participants having to perform the first song, which was chosen by the jury members especially for the participants.

After a 16-year-old performance of Dua Lipa’s “Blow your mind (mwah)”, the jury split up. Alexander Kronlund said that Luther’s charm was the focus of the song.

– It was a nice song, it was your good attitude but it was something that was missing, said Kishti Tomita.

So it will be Nadja Holm and Paulina Pancenkov who will have to win next week’s “Idol” final. Not since Lisa Ajax met Mollie Lindén in 2014 have there been two female participants in the final against each other.

Ann Edliden / TT

Nova Luther pulled out the shortest straw in Friday’s ‘Idol’ final.  Stock Photography.

Nova Luther pulled out the shortest straw in Friday’s “Idol” final. Stock Photography. Photo: Fredrik Sandberg / TT

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