Sunday , June 13 2021

To review reviews – Pay notes – P4 Östergötland

Among the guests was Liberal Reidar Svedahl, president of the company of the event.

But when questions about P4 Östergötland bills begin, things happen.

"Reidar said he had" taken this bill, "but it has now changed, so Friday, he has paid privately, says Magnus Nilsson.

At the end of July, Tuesday night, it is Western Norway. With the municipal credit card, Magnus Nilsson has sold four beers at the sports center.

Then, in the file that he sent to the town, he wrote: "Conversation with the Orthodontist of Ornsköldsvik".

At the desk is a journalist from Norrköping, Upplev Norrköping's employee and president of the company of the event – Reidar Svedahl, Liberal Municipal Council.

The same person who gives and accepts the invoice.

In the proper instructions of the municipality that accepts the parties, non-alcoholic representation is not allowed.

Magnus Nilsson defends the opening of the island:

– Yes, but I got certificates.

After reviewing Magnus Nilsson's opinion, he has been the president of Norrköping and Louis de Geer City Council for years and experience. We will find bills of various bills.

Champagne and rosévin are in Visby, with plans, beers and wines losing Norrköpingen's nuts and walnuts.

At least six times, for lease purchases, he has received a salary deduction from the municipality, according to Eric Stuart, President of Louis de Geer and Magnus Nilsson's invoice:

"I had a conversation with him to manage Eurocard. It must be used properly, it must be very careful with Eurocard. He said what he said, he says.

And questions when we ask Magnus Nilsson and Reidar Svedahl when something goes wrong in Örnsköldsvik's summer note.

Reidar Svedahl wants to pay for beer and send an email on Friday to Upplev Norrköping and Louise de Geer.

How did it arrive on Friday?

– No, I was told and if that is a problem, I will make the payment.

But he did not think about that, then it was wrong?

– No, it was a normal representation for me.

But can not you just say alcohol?

– No, apparently, that rule. That is why I directed that, "says Reidar Svedahl.

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