Monday , November 18 2019
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US growth rises interest rates – News

In the second quarter, the United States economy grew by 4.2%. The slowdown in the third quarter coincides with the forecasts of average analysts.

While the growth in the US is stable, the US Federal Reserve (Fed) expects a substantial rise in its December fund, though Donald Trump has upset the tightening of monetary policy. This year the fourth rate would increase.

The major reason for the United States's high growth is Trump's $ 1,500 million tax cuts, and about a year ago the president pushed him through the Congress.

In the fourth quarter of this year, analysts expect the average US average to rise 2.5 percent and next year, cuts in fiscal impacts are expected to decline, while the negative effects of the economy on the US and Chinese trade are affecting.

With this year's growth, the US economy grew nine consecutive years, which is the second growth in the US economy's history.

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