Thursday , January 28 2021

Viking Sky with the evacuation of the Norwegian ship

"Something of the worst life"

ofSebastian Laneby

Thousands of people were still on Saturday night at Viking Sky.

The dramatic rescue operation was then longer in hours.

Here are Alexus Sheppard's horror images among the travelers.

"You are waiting for us to come out yet," writes Alexus Sheppard Twitter.

Many are waiting for so long.

On Saturday, at 8:00 p.m., 115 ships were loaded from the western coast of Norway.

There were 1,200 people left behind.

At 23:00, the figure for rescued passengers was at 166.

In Sheppard's film, the ship can see how the wave waves on the waves.

Screams are heard

You see how chairs and tables slide along the way and how the glass is grinded.

And then we hear cries.

In other pictures, you can see how the water is walking aboard.

One of the first people to be evacuated was Janet Jacob.

She tells NRK about fear.

– I was scared. I have never been terrifying. I started praying, I asked for safety in the boat, says Janet Jacob.

"Just chaos"

Norwegian Channel spoke with John Curry of the United States.

– When we woke up we sat down for lunch. The glass was broken and the boat began to suck water. It was just a chaos.

Sandy Writtenhouse and her girlfriends are now at the Molde hotel.

– The experience was very scary, he told NRK.

Aftenposten has spoken to another company in the United States.

– The worst moments we had in the last hour of the ship were, evacuated travelers say it to the newspaper.

So many blows: learn the limit 00:22

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