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When the risk groups are in danger when the flu vaccine is over


Many people have chosen a vaccine against seasonal flu this year. Many people think that the vaccine will end. They are members of a venture group and still do not have to take a vaccine.

  • Published at 14:46, on 21 November 2018

This year, as opposed to previous years, the Västra Götaland region decided to get a vaccine that was protected against four viruses. Since the vaccine started on the 6th of November, it is more common than usual to select the vaccine. A few days ago, the vaccine obtained was completed and the current vaccine was replaced by the corresponding vaccines.

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"There are already many vaccines, but there are no members of a group of risk and there is no risk that the vaccine will not be enough," says Gunilla Ockborn, Infection Surgeon.

Does this mean that the healthy person ends the vaccine with sick people?

– The vaccine is a risk group created. A risk group is a vaccine that reduces the risk of reducing a person's risk. This is not a problem for everyone. But it may be a problem for individuals, says Gunilla Ockborn.

Many health centers remain at home, allowing a group of risks to be still vaccinated. If you are a group of risk and if it is ill, there is support.

– If there is an early dose of symptom-reducing fever. Then, contact your healthcare assistant as soon as possible.

What can you do to prevent contamination?

"It can be difficult, but it is not possible for people to get sick, avoiding large crowds inside the house and carefully cleaning their hands. There is no guarantee, but you reduce the risk.

Until now, the flu of the year has not really happened, either in Gothenburg, in the region or in the country.

"But we are also at the beginning of the season," said Gunilla Ockborn.

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