Monday , November 30 2020

William Poroma won talent at Bruksvallarna

Following: Erik Karlsson, Petra Thorén


BRUKSVALLARNA. Family happiness is absolute.

First it was won by Frida Karlsson and then her teammate William Poromaa took the victory in the men’s race.

– Both were second in the classic style, so we said it was supposed to be the first number on Sunday. Talent is happy that he didn’t know he was going to make it that way.

On Friday, William Poromaa finished second behind Max Novak in the classic race.

On Sunday, he climbed to the top of the podium.

Cohabitant Frida Karlsson won the women’s race a few hours later. William Poromaa stated that it is one of Sweden’s main expectations on the part of men and showed that he is already in class. Bruksvallarna won 15 km freestyle and put the elite of the national team in his place.

Within this framework, names such as Jens Burman, Halfvarsson Street, Johan Häggström and Daniel Richardsson were established.

– He was in control. It has been a balanced opening and flattened on every return since. It’s nice to see a young man look so mature, says SVT expert Anders Blomquist.

– It’s the perfect step for him from childhood to adulthood, he continues.

William Poromaa was very happy after the race.

– It means a lot. I went all afternoon the day after the classic race and felt like I could ski fast. It was a strange feeling to feel that you are so stable, he continues to describe the exchange of his career and says:

– When there was a break last year and you weren’t allowed to show anything and compete, it was as if everything was coming. He says it became a sea of ​​emotions.

William Poroma has something to be proud of. Larry’s father was an elite skier in the 80s and twice head of the Swedish national team in the 2000s, including at the Vancouver Olympics. Anette Fanqvist’s mother won the World Cup bronze with the Swedish relay team in 1995.

Poroma, from the B-team training team, beat everyone in the A-team. The best of them was Johan Häggström, with 21 seconds left. Third was Axel Ekström, who took Halfvarsson Street off the podium.


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