Tuesday , March 21 2023

Wrangling Boxes Handled by Wernblom: "Got Percentage"


Lukas Wernblom took four rounds against Pantern in the minute eleven. Photo: Johan Löf / Bildbyrån

Linus Lundin kept his first goal against the Modern Hockey Panthers, and Modo won 4-0. Lukas Wernblom was just as enjoyable as the whole game, as in detail.

"Besides the wicked mass of the Gospel, I think it was well enough, it was pretty good," he said at the age of 18.

In the second period, Wernblom set more expedition boxes than in ice, for eleven minute four-minute exposure.

"We figured a bit, so it's ok. Probably powerplay a bit, otherwise I was not so hot.

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The crimes that were attacked were abandoned (after 20.31), on the edge (23.18), on the puck (27.15) and boarding (31.27).

"First of all, I do not think I was, but I took Tobbe Enströms, so I was a bit there. My second one is not necessary. Thirdly, I get a bit of brain fall and I take puck in my hands and in the fourth, I do not I think that anything could be honest, it was a common party, he explained.

After Nicklas Jadeland confronted Oscar Pettersson, he decided to leave the rest of the ice. Photo: Petter Arvidsson / Bildbyrån

Exclusions, Modo did not release much, and when the Pantern was over, Linus Lundin was the safest.

Wernblom took the most outs, but the sunny match was still in the Nicklas Jadeland Pantaleon. Malmö's assistant captain, Modo Oscar Pettersson, turned up against the blind for a second time.

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Jadeland got a penalty for the match and did not see it on ice. Pettersson did not even get Pekari to go to the doctor's room. After completing the match, Johan Eriksson announced that he was 19 years old.

– She sat in the room and looked very well. I think he is calm with him, for security reasons.

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