Saturday , February 4 2023

20 minutes from injured Ikea tables


Ikea giant furniture remembers the "Glivarp" extension board all over the world. Placing boards for glass tables can be pulled out of the rack and fall, said Ikea on Tuesday.


Do you know the backlog actions?

Customers swore Swedish giant aware of defective construction. Cindy Andersen, Kitchen and Dining Dining Company at Swedish Ikea, says: "Customer Safety is a primary concern, and Ikea has therefore decided to remember the product as a measure of satisfaction."

Almost 900 seats have been sold in Switzerland

Six clients were injured and three doctors had to see doctors, according to the Ikea spokesman at AFP. All the tables sold since January 1, 2017, are around 45,560 around the world. Ikea backs off without shopping.

In Switzerland it also reminds us. The product is available in two different sizes. In Switzerland, Ikea has sold 754 larger tables and 138 smaller ones.


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