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20 minutes – Now moves the card to banknötli?

The Swiss country prefers to pay with a credit card. This is the final exam in the comparative portal In this way, 70% of the respondents prefer this method of payment. The ATM is safer and easier, she said on Wednesday in the media.


Do you like cashier society?

In the current survey, interviewed about 1,500 people. Over half of the respondents said they used their credit card frequently or very often. This result was more pronounced for men, 57.6% higher than women, 42.1%.

As evidenced by the results, aspects like ease of security and payment are essential for high usage rates. For example, about 70% of the respondents have said their card for these two reasons.

Customer benefits are important

When it turned out, the benefits of Swiss customers are also important when choosing suppliers. Almost 60% of 60 respondents consider these benefits to be very important.

In addition, additional credit card charges are also important as selection criteria. Overall, the respondents here were less pleased. It only values ​​38 percent less than 38, which is very beneficial.

Cash still popular?

By June, a survey of the Swiss National Bank said that about a third of more than 1,000 francs were paid around cash.

"Switzerland is currently a country in cash," said Bettina Gehring, a 20-minute expert in paying for the White Applied Science University (ZHAW). Switzerland wants something to be in the hands.

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