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20 minutes – «Yes, they will be released»

Olaf Swantee, how did you make a tentative deal with the UPC?

In fact, throughout the day, this purchase for investors, the media and employees is justified. Buying the UPC in Switzerland is a great opportunity to collect a lot of money in the company and benefit everyone.

Sunrise paid 6.3 million francs. Have not you ever made the amount of the bill nervous? That's probably the greatest issue you've ever done …

We get eleven of almost identical companies here. The solutions of the combined company are very good. That's why it's a good price. We are sure the shareholder accepts the purchase.

How do you search billions?

We pay in cash, we start new shareholders who invest in the combined company and borrow it from the UPC.

After acquiring the UPC, Sunrise will be much more important in the Swiss market. Does Swisscom's main attack start?

We're not watching every morning for competition. We work on our strategy: the best quality, innovative offers, good prices, which is why we are very successful. This shows our annual images.

How will customers buy the UPC?

You will have 4G and 5G infrastructure, cable and fiber, and wireless and wireless connectivity.

Sunrise and UPC have different prices according to their subscription and service. Will subscriptions be applied at lower or higher prices in the future?

We want to win a market share with the new company with quality, service and competitive prices. The competition will increase and prices will decrease in the market.

Workers 'and workers' organizations are worried about job losses. Will they be discarded?

Yes, it has double level administrative and administrative functions. At the same time, we will have customer service and technical resources, when new jobs will be available.

There was an advantage for the purchase, along with Peter Kurer, of a former banker known as the Sunrise President's mega business.

Peter Kurer is a very experienced and cautious Chairman of the Board of Directors and especially plays an important role in this size transactions.

The conversation was made in writing.

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