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Against Zuger Kloten – after resigning Del Curtos: Davos misses Kopan in Rapperswil – Sport


  • Del Curto Davos Rapperswil's first game after the season 3: 4 n.V.
  • Bern (6: 4 against Ambri), SCL Tigers (5: 4 against Geneva) and Zug (against 4: 3 against Kloten) to win the final minute.
  • Middle-class Bern – Zug and Rapperswil – SCL Tigers.

Davos – Rapperswil 3: 4 n.V.

Davos had to get to his nose. On the one hand, the defense orientation lost in a decisive scene of about 80 seconds, Andri Spiller could give him full freedom.

On the other hand, Grisons would not give him an extension. Julian Payr, in the minute 50, when HCD could compensate again, the home team was the keeper of the goalkeeper Rennsinger Nyffeler, Rapperswil.

Rapperswil offers the chance to defend the Cup title, the playoffs that are already in the far-off season.

Kloten – Train 3: 4

In the duel of the Kloten train, the last suicide bomber extended his sensation. The double strike that Romano Lemm had made in the midst of a strike caused the city's citizens to win a second victory.

In the last section only leave the Zug NL leader playing muscles. To level Santas Alatalo in 6 minutes (41/47). Just 2 minutes away, it was Jesse Zgraggen. Zuger joined the semifinals.

SCL Tigers – Geneva 5: 4

He never gave up, proved SCL Tigers in the game in a spectacular way against Geneva. Emmentalists were never able to beat Anthony Huguenin ahead of a crucial goal in the 55th minute.

Bern – Ambri 6: 4

At CHL Bern, at the end of the week, he has a chance to win the title, at least in the second round of qualification. But against Ambri, Bernese should be longer than they should be. In the 59th minute, Tristan Scherwey scored 45 goals from 3 to 4 at 5: 4 in the second half. Andrew Ebbett missed 6: 4.

Broadcast: Radio SRF 1, Abendbulletin, 27.11.2018, 21:00

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