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Barcelona Formula 1 test days: Vettelen Ferrari crash

The sixth major accident in Barcelona's eight test tests: 11.10 watches Vettel won four times (Ferrari 31) 220 km / h. In the third corner, the front left suspension broke. The fastest day: Sainz (McLaren-Renault).

"A mechanical problem," he immediately said from the red camp. Germany was almost out of the medical center. All policies have failed to cost Tecpro protection wall. This lifesavers filled with foam can be found in almost every GP circuit. They are soon mandatory!

Pay attention …

Later, the exact cause of the accident became official: the problem was not too faulty. Well, Charles was trying to solve Charles Napier's (21) disaster mission at the end of the afternoon. And indeed: 17:52, eight minutes before the end of the test, SF90 took them in the boxes. In the no-round round. Wednesday as Ferrari lost more than two hours of precious time – as a result of a cooling problem.

Great speed came at Vettel's 41st lap. Ellighausen TG World Champion, leader of McLaren-Renault, was Carlos Sainz Junior (24) leader in second place.

Vettel says about the crash: "This was a violent impact. Fortunately, there were barriers to Tecpro, the car is so damaged and we can not determine exactly what the suspension error is. I know only one thing: I was lucky today."

Alonso now McLaren ambassador

The victory of Lando Norris (19) on Tuesday at McLaren, after the return of the soft tires and low fuel at the "table schedule". Do you want to attract new sponsors?

Well, last year's McLaren star Fernando Alonso (37) has signed up with this group as a world ambassador, as an indefinite person. This will bring together 182x GP-Sieger-Team millions!

Alonso stands out for 2019: Le Mans 24 hours a day at Toyota and Indianapolis's 500 Mile McLaren Chevy.

Mateschitz is happy …

Then Red Bulle chief, Dietrich Mateschitz (76), appeared on the paddock. Traditional visit to the two groups of Honda power. And Styria is very happy with this test so far, such as his football and ice hockey clubs.

"Even though we lost against Rapid on Sunday for the first time in 19 games. But Vienna has enough problems … And the victory does not hurt".

… and strict case of Timo Werner

Leipzig's star Timo Werner (22), in constant contact with Bayern Munich, Mateschitz laughed: "cheap, undoubtedly, players." It's probably about 100 million Euros! And in an emergency, Leipzig also put his Nati Kicker in the booth for one year …

Shortly afterwards, at 15:00 Mateschitz returned to the airport. "In the afternoon I will see the classic round of Real Madrid against Barcelona in Salzburg."

Attention, auto thieves

Spain remains a dangerous branch, not only in Form 1. In 2018, many cars were broken in the race. In 2017, Philipp Müller also caught the FDP Council of the state in a bright day. The police tried to visit the province of Montmeló.

On Tuesday night, five private cars were occupied in the parking lot of the "Trabuc" luxury restaurant in Granollers. In the media portal were computers, money, cameras, mobile phones …

Ferrari robbery after dinner …

All people in the press have invited Ferrari to invite journalists to dinner, Ferrari can do better in the future in communication …

Kimi eight "horns"

In addition to Vettel's crash, he was quite relaxed in the first four hours. As in the afternoon, when most riders simulated GP distance. Kimi Raikkonen (39) was surprised by Alfa Sauber in eight horns at the front row. They must direct the air in the right direction. Hinwil's updates will remain until noon.

Hinwiler is like a C38 watch

Alfa-Sauber boss Fréderic Vasseur: "Until now, we can almost stop the planned program". In the last 45 minutes, the Finns flew for the first time, with C4 with a red rubber (second, smoother mix) of 4,655 kilometers in length. It was the third time the fastest in the day of his return on 103. (113). Behind Sainz and Vettel … But Mexican Sergio Perez was placed second in the Racing Point Mercedes. With soft tires (C5) …

test results

1. Sainz (McLaren-Renault) 1: 1: 17,144

2. Pérez (Racing Point-Mercedes) 1: 17.842

Vettel 3.a (Ferrari) 1: 18.195

4. Raikkonen (Alfa-Sauber) 1: 18.209

5. Grosjean (Haas-Ferrari) 1: 18.330

6. Verstappen (Red Bull-Honda) 1: 18.395

7. Kvyat (Toro Rosso-Honda) 1: 18.682

8. Bottas (Mercedes) 1: 18,941

9. Hamilton (Mercedes) 1: 18,943

10. Hulkenberg (Renault) 1: 19.056

11. Kubica (Williams-Mercedes) 1: 19.367

12. Ricciardo (Renault) 1: 22.597

Hamilton (Mercedes) 1: 16,137

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