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Black Mirror – Bandersnatch – Netflix Select your own adventure & # 39; he plays for the inventor

The Netflix movie "Bandersnatch" was released in December, the hot interactive narrative structure discussed in recent weeks. But, apparently, nobody liked the popular "Favorite adventure of your favorite movie model". Netflix is ​​the author of the original book series.

"Well, what did you do? Most likely about anthology anthology Black Mirror ask in the last weeks Netflix says it's a very special section of the series, which is very popular "Choose your own adventure" –The viewers of "Bandersnatch" style films can make their own decisions. It starts with ordinary things "What breakfast do you want to eat cereal?" art "Whether to kill your father?" It sounds cool, but nobody likes it Netflix It uses an interactive model known. Now is the giant for play book series for $ 25 million.

Witcher (series)
Witcher (series)
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"Choose your own adventure"

Often, cinema is the future to see. With the touch of a button, you decide how the movie or series characters work. This makes the viewer feel an interactive element and a part of the story. But this system is not new. Kids already have adventure books or kids before spinal-tinglingSeries of R.L. Stine has read, this is a popular model. Yes, the book was sent to the readers on the road in the 90s and offered several options in book pages. But where does that idea come from?

It works originally "Choose your own adventure"Model of the children's books of the 80s and 1990s. Once again, the reader takes on a leading role and can make decisions about the career of the story. Many children's book series became so popular that this model was taken up.

But why is Netflix now suing the lawsuit?

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Netflix Vs. copyright

The reason is this sentence "Choose your own adventure"Only Chooseco LLC publishes the library of the old book, and then it is legally protected. As reported by the Vermont National High Court, the publisher has been influential since the 80s. In addition, the author states that he has more than 265 million copies "Choose your adventure"The series is so.

Netflix requested a license for this 2016 sentence, but found a wall and rejected the publisher. But it's like the series Sabrina adventures worriedFilmmakers also passed laws and used satanic symbols for the purposes of Netflix. And that was the phrase "Choose your own adventure" series available several times.

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This was not at all appreciated by the authors of the series of books. Its reason: Netflix uses some of his popular books for nostalgic purposes. In addition, "Bandersnatch" has dark and negative interactive features. In this way he called for a streaming service to get some money of $ 25 million.

In Bandersnatch, the viewer Stefan decided to schedule and sell a game based on "Bandersnatch". But it seems that it is controlled by a mysterious external force and is almost crazy. An interactive movie experience can be played on Netflix and combines with eight goals and one million decision-making combinations.

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